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Saturday, July 23, 2016

O Brother, where art thou?

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of crowd control in a muddy field

The problem

Public open-air events such as carnivals or festivals need detailed logistical planning, crowd control and constant communications between organisers, security personnel and emergency services. Currently there is much emphasis on the physical presence of security staff and emergency services on the ground. But this places great reliance on reacting to problems, rather than seeing patterns and emerging issues that can be pre-empted or minimised. The situation is made worse by the lack of wi-fi or the unreliability of a 3G or 4G signal in the middle of a muddy field.

The solution

This development team have designed and produced a crowd control system, which allows realtime, preemptive responses by organisers without the use of wi fi or 3G/4G networks. It can also be cross-referenced with emergency service responders.  

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