How One Fudge Company Overcame Nature's Little Hurdles | Breakthrough Funding

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Oh Fudge!

FOOD - The story of overcoming some sticky situations to get your products listed

The problem

If you’re at school, you aim to get good marks. If you’re at work, you aim to get a promotion. If you’re in a running race, you aim to win. So, what if you start-up a food company…you’ll probably aim to get the best listing possible. To get a good listing, however, your products usually need to stand above the competition and that can mean some tweaking to improve shelf life without losing the taste and texture. This can be difficult when it comes to fudge though – the key ingredients don’t last.

The solution

One company weren’t prepared to be fudged by nature’s little hurdles. They set about a whole new method of packaging and batch testing – not usually possible for companies like this. In addition, to keep with the UK foodie’s ever-evolving taste preferences, the team had to make sure they could create a batch with innovative flavours and ingredients which were both appetising and intolerance-friendly.

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