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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Potato problems no more

FOOD - The story of growing sweet potatoes even when mother nature doesn't like it. 

The problem

Sweet potatoes are becoming increasingly popular in the UK; they keep appearing on menus at restaurants as an alternative to French fries and it’s easy to see why. They are really quite good and, as luck would have it, they aren’t quite as bad for your diet as the ‘traditional sort’. Unfortunately, though, growing sweet potatoes can be quite tough to grow in our colder climates. If we’re importing, there’s that political thing to worry about too – can’t remember what it’s called.


The solution

We love a good solution. Never ones to be denied by the weather…we have found a way around it. Of course, I mean the ‘royal we’, there’s actually just a super clever team that have been working away in the farming industry to create new conditions with which to grow the humble sweet potato. It’s not easy and so many things need to be considered; temperature, soil type, pest control – the lot. Grubs up.

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