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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Retail therapy is officially global

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of shopping from a distant land 

The problem

Many online retailers use international logistic companies that hold their goods in stock and ship them overseas. This is an expensive system but the retailer doesn’t have to worry about legal, operational or logistical requirements of overseas shipment and delivery. But many UK online retailers, specialist suppliers and individual eBay sellers, don’t ship their goods internationally because of the costs involved and the difficulties of using different logistic companies depending on the destination country. So if a customer is from outside the UK, but wants to buy these goods there is no mechanism for them to get it shipped to their personal address overseas.

The solution

This company has developed a system that allows an overseas customer to use a UK address and yet get their order delivered to their home or office abroad. In a brilliant move, it also gives the customer full control and visibility of the items and shipping.

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