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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Rise and shine

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of struggling to wake-up in the morning 

The problem

The problem is pretty simple really. It’s also quite widespread. Waking up is a challenge for everybody. Don’t believe that this is a problem isolated to grumpy teenagers – adults and OAPS across the land are smashing that alarm clock every morning out of frustration. We’ve heard of sleep aid, but what about wake aid?

The solution

Create a fun alarm, of course. The techy guys have created software which ditches the annoying alarm sounds. They’ve made it possible for friends to be able to send voice-notes (whether they are nice notes depends on the type of mates you have) while also making it fully compatible with Social Media. If that wasn’t enough, they had to develop unique code which overrides your native operating system to ensure their programme works on all devices in the dead of night.

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