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Friday, February 2, 2018

Run rabbit run

MANUFACTURING - The story of reducing pest damage without harming the culprit!

The problem

The control of pests and animals especially Leporids (rabbit family) without resorting to killing them, is a constant issue for farmers and land managers. The use of non-chemical means to control pests are always favoured especially when so many land managers are keen to reduce the use of pesticides. On the other hand there is considerable price pressure in the farming industry to minimise costs and maximise profits by improving crop yields. Reducing crop damage and soil damage is one method of doing this, as is reducing the cost of pest interventions. 

The solution 

This company has improved the effectiveness, efficiency and safety in the control of Leporids and other burrowing animals. They have created, for the first time, a fully automated system for the insertion of the correct ratio of explosive gas mixture into underground burrows. This creates an explosive environment that, when ignited, disrupts the burrow structure rendering it uninhabitable.

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