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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Shivering with glee

MANUFACTURING - The story of freezing out the competition 

The Problem

 Parties and big corporate events used to adopt a simple ‘dress to impress’ policy, but you need more than a sharp bow tie to wow a crowd these days. 16 years ago, Pierce Brosnan had his last gaunt as James Bond in ‘Die Another Day’ – a film in which the baddie met his end trapped inside a malfunctioning ice hotel. If that film showed us anything (other than that ice does actually turn to water), it’s that ice sculptures and structures look pretty damn impressive when all is running to plan. Cue an influx of orders to ice sculptors, but it’s a slow job and supply struggles to meet demand.


The Solution

Keeping cool heads, one company decided to take matters into their own hands to keep production strong…they took it out of their hands. Adapting machinery never before used on ice, they managed to create bespoke 3D designs of all shapes and sizes in super-quick time. This new technology even allowed them to give clients a better estimate of how long they could expect their structure to stand strong; quite the useful information when it comes to ice.

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