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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Spotting a rogue trader

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of tracking the next Edward Snowden

The problem

There have been a number of high profile cases of lone employees (literally) destroying companies by rogue trading, such as Nick Leeson of Barings Bank (£833million loss), Kweki Adoboli of Swiss bank UBS (£1.3billion loss), Jerome Kerviel of Societe Generale (£5billion loss), or leaking classified information such as Edward Snowden (the US National Security Agency). While efforts are being made to install systems that can automatically detect unusual application, data, file access, internet or network activity, these are still relatively unsophisticated. 

The solution

More and more security practitioners and large corporations are realising that 100% prevention is no longer achievable, and that there should be more emphasis on early detection and rapid response to abnormal behaviour. This company has developed a mathematical model of cyber activity, cross referenced against behavioural psychoanalysis, to prevent lasting damage to a company’s finances or reputation. 

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