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Friday, November 10, 2017

Stalking Lady GaGa and Wayne Rooney

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of data mining on a scale that will blow your mind

The problem

How do you get to be first to know that Lady GaGa’s on tour or that Man United cup tickets have just been released? You could trawl the various venue sites or platforms that sell seats. You could stalk your favourite singer, band, team, game or actor on Twitter or their official blog, but who’s got the time for that? Data mining is notoriously difficult, but to automatically tag and aggregate such a wide number of datasets and alert you with a verified release date, has never been successfully attempted before. Current processes give search results with an unacceptably high level of unstructured, fragmented and inaccurate data. 

The solution

The construction of an amazing algorithm that scrapes the internet, accessing multiple data sources, validating them and using technology to give majority ‘votes’ and weighting to the final dates. Hey presto, reliable information to get you to the front of the ticket queue. 

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