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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Stopping the wheels coming off

ENGINEERING - The story of how important it is to check your nuts (wheel nuts obviously)

The problem

LGV vehicle wheels experience considerable forces when they’re on the road. The Fleet Transport Association reports that there are over 400 wheel loss incidents each year, each involving a highly dangerous situation. They have reported that effective wheel loss management requires robust processes including drivers' daily checks. They need to check the wheel nuts and make sure they are tightened to the correct force (torque), then re-torque them after a predetermined mileage. Currently though, you can’t just look at a wheel nut and know if it has already been checked by a previous driver or on the ground support guy.

The solution

This company has a developed an innovative visual product which shows if the nut has been adjusted properly. They have made it so it is capable of accommodating various vehicle type, axel layouts and hub and wheel nut types. It is also corrosion resistant, lightweight and cost effective.

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