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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The end of getting your wires crossed

MANUFACTURING - The story of getting rid of spaghetti piles of wires and cables

The problem

Due to ever increasing rent and purchase costs, companies are increasingly designating mixed-use rooms, rather than rooms set aside for a single purpose. In areas of flexible working, formal desk and meeting room arrangements are exchanged for hot-desking and breakout areas. These areas are frequently used for ad-hoc working, training sessions, as well as formal meetings. Furniture in these rooms needs to be configurable for multiple uses and office requirements. These is usually achieved fairly easy, but not the ability to trail wires across the configuration. 

The solution

This furniture design company has developed an entirely new solution to provide easy power and data access to accommodate ad-hoc workstations in a safe and compact way. No more spaghetti wires and potential trip hazards. 

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