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Friday, December 9, 2016

Touchy feely

ENGINEERING - The story of increasing the geographical accessibility of an expensive product

The problem

If you’ve set up your own successful fixed location retail outlet, but have quickly saturated the local market and growth has begun to level off, what do you do? One solution would be to replicate the set-up in other geographical locations, however the costs would be significant, with a long pay-back time for set-up costs and a detrimental effect on profitability by the increased recurring operational costs.

You could become an online business, but this particular company has buyers that like to visit premises and discuss the complex products that are offered. If you were spending up to £25,000 in one go, you would too.

So how do you increase the range and accessibility of your complex, expensive and volatile products, without the set-up and ongoing costs of a permanent physical location in any one geographical location?


The solution

Through the development of various prototype versions the development team has now produced a ‘test’ experience, which has recently been deployed in a number of sites. Using state-of-the-art engineering and design to showcase their product they now have a flexible system where potential clients can touch and feel what they are buying. 

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