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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tracking driver behaviour and their fuel consumption

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of intelligent fuel management and cutting driver insurance costs

The problem

The turbulent economic situation in the UK and Europe has made it increasingly difficult for the transport sector to operate profitably. It’s estimated that for fleet operators fuel can account for as much as 40 per cent of fleet running costs. Even though oil prices are at a low, this doesn’t seem to transfer to forecourt prices as it should. Nobody knows why. There’s a real need for a software package to suit specific fleet sizes and combination of vehicle types (cars, LCVs and HGVs) with numerous integration options - especially fuel card use and leasing and accident data to give total fleet transparency.

The solution

This development team with huge experience of the sector, have worked to develop an
automated intelligent fuel management, where fuel consumption is firmly controlled using a range of tools and integration options for optimum cost control. The first release just didn’t deliver to the real-time download speeds they wanted, but the second release is proving highly successful and is being used by some heavyweight blue chip companies. 

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