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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trading standards

FIN TECH - The story of making the bond market more transparent

The problem

In order to make trading decisions (potentially worth millions of pounds), individuals and organisations in the bond market, need access to deeply detailed information and reliable risk insight to help them make investment decisions.

While everyone knows the bond market is highly complex, there is a recognised problem that shows the quality and depth of data is not as comprehensive as the market would like. This is especially the case with newly issued bonds

Without such information, the appraisal of debt market risk is problematic. This leads to difficulties in trading and understanding and managing investments and ultimately leads to an increase in unnecessary risk across the financial community.


The solution

The development team has found a way to capture, cross-reference, process and disseminate valuable information relating to both newly issued bonds, along with current data through a proprietary platform and data feed. The project continues in its development stage and testing of programme elements is well defined and progressing.

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