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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tunnel vision

ENGINEERING - The story of a vision to reduce the risk of tunnel operations

The problem

The construction of tunnels is by its very nature a dangerous and difficult activity. To reduce this risk a number of different tunnelling methods have been developed. Whether it’s concrete segment, roof bolt and sprayed concrete or pressed liner technology, all create specific construction and ‘fit-out’ challenges.

In addition, there is much pressure from the contractors to maximise the speed of tunnel construction operations through quicker boring and fit-out. But this can tempt workers to undertake unsafe practices to drill and fit the internal structures.

The solution

This family-run company have developed a way to accurately fix pre-cast concrete sections within a tunnel structure. As part of their R&D process, they have developed a new design that enables drilling at infinitely adjustable angles with a new system to accommodate different tunnel diameters, drill sizes and drilling at different pitches. 

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