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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Turn it off, then turn it on again

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - The story of an IT support tracking and management system

The problem

There are thousands of companies offering IT support as a reactive service when things go wrong. But none are close to offering a ‘predictive’ service to either spot issues in real time or predict them before they happen.

Often clients do not understand the technical aspects of their IT or telephony systems. They struggle to understand how these elements integrate with their other operational aspects, and feel bamboozled by technical data and jargon. As a result there is a difficult relationship with IT support suppliers, with suspicions that they are over-charging or charging unnecessarily for goods or services.


The solution

This team have been working for a number of years to develop an entirely new IT tracking and management system and processes to 1) enable total transparency for clients and 2) significantly increase profitability to a level far above the sector norm. 

The project is nearing completion and already allows clients to easily see what they've spent on equipment and support staff and if necessary, the status of all hardware and network functions in real time.

Upon implementing this system the company has increased their core business profitability by at least 15% without adding to their resource base or other operational costs and increased their fee earning capacity by 30% (far above the sector norm). 

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