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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

What sort of projects qualify?

We've successfully submitted over 1,000 R&D projects that have resulted in cash back or tax relief. The breadth of our clients' innovation is staggering;

viniculture, crash proof drones, landmine detectors, irrigation systems in Africa, saddle pads for horses, medical devices, free from food, vegan cosmetics, white ink printer cartridges, cancer drugs, sports performance products, artisan gin, baby car seats, insurance products, anti-terrorist mechanisms on oil rigs, motorsport engineering, pest control, cyber security, software development, plastic soldier design, the internet of things, e-cigarettes. sex aids, unmanned aircraft, kitchen design, lightweight machine guns, craft beer and cider, motorised golf carts, app development, improvements in crop and seed yield, bridge design, machine learning, manufactured products, well we could on forever, really. Read more about our incredible clients below . . .

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