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Friday, February 15, 2019

Wine? Wine not...

DRINK - The story of winding up making a wine of the world 

The Problem

Which wine do you have a nose for? Bit of Bordeaux by the beach, a sip of South African on a Saturday or perhaps a glass of Rioja at your favourite restaurant? Lets face it, there are so many good wines and it’s difficult to make your mind up. Imagine now that you’re making wine in the heart of a busy UK city and you need to import grapes – where do you get them from to ensure high-quality and consistency for your growing customer base?


The solution

The solution you ask? Just get them in from all over Europe and make yourself a ‘superwine’ – that’s exactly what one winery have done. After years of trial, error and a lot of wasted cases; the team have been able to refine processing techniques to ensure that they were picking the right grapes from the right countries and had a proper way of testing and bottling what they were producing.


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